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The Society of Truth

The evolution of human society has been accompanied by violent conflict in its historical and prehistoric course. Like animals, Nations have fought to prevail, often bringing innovation, so as to almost justify war as an instrument of civilization.

How is progress measured for an individual and for a society? Is conflict the only means to pursue it?

This work synthetically connects philosophy to reality. Some of the issues being addressed belong to such a potentially remote future as not to deserve a large use of resources in the present. However, their consideration is essential like the ultimate Goal of any planning, whose purpose is to draw a line from that Goal to the present, without which any effort would be vain.

"...wonderful. It expresses a special lucidity and a point of view on the grandeur of eternity that make everything seem simple. A true work of art."

"An absolute masterpiece."

The Author

Leo is an achronic and aspatial author, dedicated to the search for Truth and the pursuit of Freedom. His work investigates the Human Being, the Universe, the Spirit, Knowledge, Politics, and Economy, through the eyes of non-human rationality.

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